Only functional airport in Tripoli suspended over air strike by Haftar loyalies

Mitiga airport services which is the only functional air in Tripoli has suspended its operation over an air strike on its run-way by General Khali Haftar loyalies,the air strike terrified all passengers in the airport when it happens,but however no casualties where recorded. General Khali Haftar led armed forces have been battling with the UN-backed government in the country.How ever reports has it that General Haftar was once an officer in the Gadaffi’s then government in Libya but he later defected and ran to the United states to residence there.Now he has come back and form a group of armed forces called Libya national army (LNA) with the aim to fight the UN-backed government in the country,how ever reports has it that some high ranking individuals has condemed the group and sees it has a well planned authoritarian government to come.The LNA media office said since their operation they have lost only 22 troops.The current rage in Libya has left many homeless and they are now calling for interventions.

Updated: 08/04/2019 — 20:35


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