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Hello dear reader,thank you for visiting here,continue reading to know how to register on our income program and start earning big money online.

First of all this income program is full of reasons while you should join and lots of benefits that you will have has a member which i am not going to mention them here but in my next post,so keep on visiting to catch up with me.

Membership here requires you to buy our affiliate product package which qualifies you to earn money here.

To register and join our income program is very easy and affordable,you all know that income websites in Nigeria charge big sum of money for registration which some people cant afford,but the idea here is different and better,our membership registration fee costs only #500 which is but a chicken change to you i guess,with that small amount of money you are assured of making big money here has everything here is clear and straight forward.

To start your registration process you will need to have your registration fee at hand to be paid with your ATM card or you simply purchase a coupon from us and use it to activate your account.

Now there are two types of registration here on Minute-pay namely

  1. Coupon code registration/account activation.
  2. Online payment/ATM card registration/activtion.


This method of registration is mainly for those who dont have ATM cards and also for people who prefer not to use their ATMs online.
Now to start your registration process buy a coupon code here.
The coupon code is a combination of alphanumeric characters which you can use to activate your account your self without involving any site admin,
and the coupon code is only #500 as started in our registration fee policy.
Now that you have your coupon code proceed to the registration page where you will see our affiliate pack displayed as in an online shop,below the pack you will see ADD TO CART,click on it and when your affiliate pack is added to the cart check that the quantity is one(1) then a box is displayed which says apply coupon,enter the coupon code that you purchase earlier on in the box and making sure that it is correctly entered then click on apply coupon wait for it to load then the coupon applied successfully message will be displayed,if it does not then you have entered a wrong coupon code,do well to cross check it.
Upon successfully applying your coupon click on PROCEED TO CHECKOUT
then a registration form will be displayed,there enter all the required information and scroll to the bottom and click on place order and you will be automatically logged in to your account dashboard and thats it you have just finish your registration on Minute-pay using a coupon code,congratulation and welcome to Minute-pay where possibilities are limitless.


With the first step been explained in details i am sure that you know how to go about it if you prefer the online payment type.
To pay with your ATM card just follow the first guide above and when you get to the checkout page where the registration form is been displayed,enter all your details correctly as require and scroll down and click on card payment,upon clicking that you will be redirected o our company online payment page which is CLINGTECH SERVICES,there on that page you will be asked to pay #500 to Clingtech Services,click on continue and upon that you will be required to enter your card details,there enter the card number,expiry date and the CVV then click continue,an OPT(one time password) will be sent to your phone number,enter it immediately and verify that it is you and then click on continue and you will be automatically log into your account dashboard and thats it,you have just registered an account for your self using your ATM card at the comfort of your home.
When making your online payment dont be afraid of losing your card details to cyber criminals because the online payment processor we are using is one of the trusted online payment processor world wide,but be advised not to make online transactions using a public internet connection or IP address as it is dangerous.

Now that you know how to register an account here what are you waiting for? go on and join the moving train lets make money together here.


Updated: 21/08/2019 — 21:24


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