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This is a premium blogging platform that broadcast news and informations from local and international sources.It is owned by Samuel Miracle Andekwun who is the CEO of Clingtech Services.Here we aim at attaining great height in broadcasting contents that matter to our audience and as such we give out quality and authentic informations here,we dont broadcast any content that is false and that which is aim at tarnishing the image of any group or individual.We are prudent in doing our works here and to give the best to our audience.

Minute-Pay Income Program

Minute-pay income program is an initiative by the management of Clingtech Services here on clingnews.com.ng. It is a medium where the members of our community here make some money online while reading and sharing our contents.Because we value your precious time and energy thats why your being online here is not in vain with MINUTE-PAY.All the best for you here.